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Exclusive Interview to Robert G. Ortt, who opposed to NY bill

An ideologic bill, that has nothing to do with women healthcare or rights. That’s exactly what the “Reproductive Health Act” is, the disputed NY bill, signed by the governor Andrew Cuomo, few days ago. This bill reflects the requests of the most radical progressive new yorkers part, but it broke the state congress up because of its extreme cruelty. As italian students for life, we interviewed the state senator Robert G. Ortt, who voted against this “Reproductive Health Act”:

NY Governor A. Cuomo signed “Reproductive Health Act” law, probably the most permissive abortion law in the history of USA. New York is now a State that, basically, doesn’t recognize any right for the unborn and, in our opinion, has became more dangerous also for women. Was necessary a bill like this?

This bill was not necessary, it was rushed, and it was expansive. This legislation was passed under the guise of codifying Roe v. Wade, however, it absolutely expands abortion in this state to allow for easier late term procedures. Even Democrats voted against this bill. The more people hear about it, the more concerned they become.

This law has been asked, obtained and signed by a governor that won in only 14 counties of the NY State during the last elections (against the 48 won by republican candidate Marc Molinaro). Can we say that this law is not asked by people but only by the radical liberals of New York City, Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, Buffalo and Ithaca?

Before the 2018 elections, the State Senate (controlled by a Republican Majority) was able to stop most of the radical ideas (like the abortion bill) coming out of New York City, where most of the radical liberal base is located. However, after the 2018 elections, the Senate was turned over to Democrats and now there is no way to block radical liberal legislation. Most of the legislation we are seeing originates from New York City Democrats.

One of the major critics moved to this law is that it represents the volounty of Cuomo to oppose the pro-life politics of the federal government and of a large number of governors (we can think, for example, that on 23th January, Ohio’s governor Mike DeWine signed the “Heartbeat bill“). So, can we say that this law is indeed more related to gov. Cuomo’s ideology than with the idea of helping the women?

This is correct. Gov. Cuomo and Democrats of New York are on a mission to do everything possible to oppose Trump and the federal government. If Trump said “the sky is blue,” Democrats would argue that it is green only to say they are opposing him. This is not about protecting women’s health, it is about opposing Trump. Gov. Cuomo pretended to be a centrist Democrat when it benefited him. But since he was challenged from the left in a primary and he’s eying a presidential primary, he’s tried transforming himself in America’s most radically-left governor.

In New York the abortion rate is the double than the national average and this law seems only able to make the situation get worst. Is there a possibility to change things in the next future?

New York’s designation as an abortion leader is of utmost concern to me and many others across this state. We must reinstate the importance of family into communities across New York and teach our young adults the value of life and the importance of making safe and responsible choices.

Interview of Gabriele Marmonti



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