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Assault in La Sapienza University (again): but we won’t stop until abortion will end

Dear friends, yesterday (20th October 2022) a group of the Students for Life of Italy (Universitari per la vita) was distributing flyers in Piazzale Aldo Moro, at the entrance of the Italian University La Sapienza in Rome, with a regular permission given by the Quaestorship. This permission was valid from 11 am to 1 pm, and everything was fine in the first one hour and a half, except for some episodes – i.e. some sceptical students who ripped up some flyers in sign of protest and disdain (in the image below on the right you can see a “victim”).

We distributed more than 300 flyers, but the majority of students who got them stayed indifferent. And, honestly, what is truly worrying in not the disdain, but indifference. But let’s go on. It was a quarter to 1 when about twenty people, part of a feminist, leftist, university group, showed up with a protest banner figuring the inscription “Fuori gli antiabortisti dall’università” which means “Anti-abortionists out of the University” (in figure) and threatened us, yelling into their megaphones, to immediately leave the university, as if it was their own property.

Now, we technically were already out of the university, as the our activity was in the square just in front of the entrance, but it is truly unacceptable that we cannot even speak anymore. For them abortion is an unquestionable dogma and, thus, anyone who dares voice an objection must be literally destroyed. If there were not policemen watching over the situation, there would have probably been a physical aggression too and not only a verbal one.

It is clear that they can only proliferate and rage because of the silence on the subject in question: if the truth was shouted on the rooftops, it would not be even thinkable to yell that killing innocent pre-born babies is a “right”! They told us things like “if hell exists, then you will be the one to go there” or “you can’t stay here because you are brainwashing students”. So, is it telling the truth about the unborn brainwashing students and deserving hell? Asserting the pre-born humanity and showing it with an ultrasound, is simply the evidence of an undeniable truth. Only a complete irrational person may claim that the embryo in the womb is not a human being. Truly brainwashed people are the very ones who don’t even realize they are.

At some point we asked them: “Do you fear us?” and the girl with the megaphone answered “Yes, we fear you because you want to take away our rights”. They are right fearing us, and this is very significant because they know very well that in a discussion with us on this topic they would definitely lose. There would not be any reason otherwise to fear five students who are simply distributing flyers. So, their existence is subordinated to our silence: they have a chance to impose their perverted vision of reality only if the counterpart keeps quiet. Their methods are the same as the ones used in totalitarian regimes: any dissenting voice must necessarily be suppressed to allow them to stand. But, in the end, they are just giants with feet of clay. A word of truth is enough to bring down the whole house of cards that they have “built” in recent years. Our presence is enough to remind them that they can yell into the megaphone today only because their respective mothers did not avail themselves of the “right” to kill them.

A guy, taking our flyer and snorting, shouted “50 years of battle for abortion and we are still here discussing“. Yes, because 50 years, not even 100, not even an infinite time are enough to transform what is intrinsically unjust and evil into right and good. Abortion, we will never get tired of claiming it, far from being a right, is rather a crime that destroys the life of an innocent human being. This is a fact that neither words, nor megaphones, nor squads can ever change. And then, what’s left is the violence that breaks the mirror to prevent reality from being reflected in it and from having to deal with it.

In the end, when our time was over and we were about to leave, a guy took up the megaphone and shouted: “We kicked the anti-abortionists out of the university! Hurray!”. A scene already seen in 2018, when we were attacked (that time, there was also a physical attack), and they rejoiced at having kicked us out. In reality, they did not succeed in their intent, since we stayed exactly until the last minute for which we had the authorization and they did not make us give up before.They can attack us, they can even do it repeatedly, but we will never get tired of screaming the truth. We will not stop until the crime of abortion will definitely end, as well as the unjust laws that encourage and support it. We will continue, as always, to be the voice of the voiceless.

Students for Life of Italy

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