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Michaela Davert: “My parents choose life instead of abortion even if I’m disable”

We report here an incredible story of life! The disability and the related difficulties didn’t prevent Michaela from living her life and her parents to give her life. Against the doctors’ previsions, Michaela is living her life and this is only a teaching for everyone of us who’s considered “normal”. Have a good lecture!

“My name is Michaela Davert. I recently celebrated my 20th birthday and for me means so much because before I entered into this world, some “doctors” and individuals thought that I shouldn’t have the chance to experience life. I was born with a disability called Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Type III). It’s a connective tissue disorder that causes my body not to be able to produce enough collagen which is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body. The biggest effect that this has on my body is that my bones are extremely fragile and affects my height to which I am only 2ft, 7in tall. I have experienced over 100 fractures and nearly 25 surgeries. My mom also has this condition and when she was pregnant, some ‘doctors’ advised her and my dad of the option to end the pregnancy because of my disability. They felt as though my quality of life would not be valuable due to having this disability. Thankfully, my parents have great faith and trust in the Lord and value human life. My mom said, I’ve had this disability all my life, and I live a very happy life. There’s no reason my children won’t either. I also have a twin brother, and he too has this condition and ‘doctors’ gave the same option about him too.

I’m not even a parent, and I cannot even imagine hearing from a ‘medical professional’ the option to end your child’s life.
Thankfully the Lord led them to an extremely pro-life doctor who welcomed my parents with open arms and everything was successful. And now here my twin brother and I are 20 years later.

I obviously didn’t know until I was older about what had been brought up to my parents about some of the options these ‘medical professionals’ gave them. I am so blessed to have the parents that I have and that their trust in the Lord is strong and pro-life. Yes, all of this was a miracle how I was brought into this world, but it’s what a decent human being would do for their child.

It made me angry to know that there were people in this world that thought I shouldn’t be here, or they thought my life didn’t matter because I have a disability. I love life even more and have a greater appreciation for it than most people do because of knowing that others didn’t want that for me. I’m so grateful that my parents were strong enough to tell me that though because it’s made me become an advocate for life knowing how precious it is and the reality of the selfish acts of others prevent some from not experiencing life.

If everyone made the decision on who should live based on having hardships or challenges in their life, none of us would be here. We all go through challenges and the only difference between mine and maybe yours is that mine is more visible. None of us get to take the easy route, and it comes with challenges, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth living. God doesn’t make mistakes, and everything happens for a reason. My disability is not a genetic mistake, it’s for a reason and it’s been the biggest blessing in life.

My hope is that one day, every child gets to experience life just as the Lord created him or her to do”.

Taken from the Facebook page of the March for life!

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